Any great brewery starts with great beer, but is always accompanied by a great name. Early on in building the concept of our brewpub, our team sat around one night throwing around different ideas for the name of our brewery. But our aim that night didn’t quite seem to capture our vision. 


We knew what we wanted our beer to embody and to communicate. We wanted to invite anyone and everyone to feel a sense of belonging when they drink our beer. Great beer is at its’ heart about community, fellowship, friendship, laughter and life together. We wanted to somehow capture the feeling of sitting on the back porch with a group of friends, pipe in one hand and a beer in the other, telling stories of days gone by. But how to communicate that picture in a few words was the harder task.


So, how did we get to Heron and the Hare? Paired with all of these qualities we hoped to encapsulate, we wanted to capture a little bit of Oxford, MS; a town with a rich history of art and literature. The home of William Faulkner and John Grisham. We also wanted to give a nod to our sister city, Oxford, England. After all, who does pubs better than the Brits? But how to capture Oxford, art and literature and deep friendship centered around a great pint in a single name? And then it came to us. We all love the imagination and literature of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. When thinking on Oxford, England our minds easily traveled to a small room tucked away in a small pub on an unsuspecting corner. The Rabbit Room, inside of a pub called Eagle and the Child. This is the room where Lewis, Tolkien and a group of friends self-titled The Inklings, would gather to drink beer and share life together. It’s the room where they told stories and laughed and smoked their pipes and dreamt up what is perhaps the greatest fantasy literature of the past Century and, even more significantly, the most profound allegory of an even greater story. A story that forged our friendship and influenced our business partnership.


So, we wanted a name to pay homage to this pub, a sort of siren for our inspiration. A nod to the Eagle. A hint toward the Rabbit. A bird and a bunny. A little pub in Oxford where dear friends gather to share life and drink great beer. 



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